Thursday, November 25, 2010




It was so awesome to finally meet you... it was great to see you at the book signing for Steven Klein STAG FILM. You are awesome and a inspiration to the eyes with your interpretations in your fashion editorials. It's weird to meet people that you admire, be in the same room with them on such intimate level and be able to say "hello" and receive a "warm hello" back... AMAZING!!!. Your fashion style is always soo GREAT (I peeped your Alexis Bittar necklace, I believe you were wearing a Rad Hourani leather zipper jacket, and Givenchy bag... too cool). I don't know you personally, but through all the interviews I read I feel like I do (hopefully I don't sound knutts). I blogged your interview with MODELS.COM and I felt like you were talking to me. You gave GREAT advice that you must LOVE what you do and you'll be FINE...and you were RIGHT!!!

PS Thanks For The Pic!!!



Monday, November 1, 2010


YO CHECK IT I'm going to try something new... my style icon rocked GIRBAUD, TOMMY HILFIGER, and RALPH LAUREN...So watch him kick the rhyme, but pay attention to his gear, swagg, and the fly honey who sings the hook (btw she's fashion inspiration and a style icon for the ladies)...Believe me he's not only my style reference, he showed us all how to put it all together in a real LOGO heavy way. I mean I want every piece he's wearing and I know just the spot to get somethings similar. A good friend started me back on the POLO path (thanks) CHECK it OUT :)