Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Set | Behind The Scenes Nicki Minaj's Video With Her Harajuku Barbie's...

(L to R) Stylist BStyleINC, 10 Harajuku Barbie's, and DianeTheDonna

Ok ok ok...There's no need for no introduction on who @BstyleINC is...she styles MVP @Dwadeofficial and costume designs for Hype Williams directed videos for Nicki Minaj's latest let's see how it twittdown lol...

BStyleINC: I am wrapped... Hype shoots r like a red carpet event... Celebrities run throughs... Yesterday Drake, today Amber Rose(@keefwasheretoo)

keefwasheretoo: @BStyleINC I didn't make no appearance...that set wasn't Hype on twitter?

BStyleINC: @keefwasheretoo lol.. Naw he aint on twitter!!!

keefwasheretoo: @BStyleINC dope costume design on Nicki Minaj's harajuku barbie' interpretation...what's the headwear on the barbie's?

BStyleINC: @keefwasheretoo thx... Metal army helmets, painted silver, covered with 2 different pink fishnets... Will send a close
up... They were DOPE!

Hopefully the video premiere is next...I always try to bring some of the behind the scenes of fellow Fashion Interpreter's I admire if I can get my hands on it... :)

Twittpics courtesy of @DianneTheDonna of WAHMAG.

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