Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It's been a long time since I posted some Ring$ and Thang$...I was browsing through Blackberry Vision which is geared by Photographer Julia Chesky...And she had all fingers ringed and blinged up...Awesome inspiration behind the all black, skulls, stones, and silver everything...Julia is also an amazing modelizer where she takes amazing photos of your favorite boutique store windows in great detail check here... Thanks Julia for being inspiration and your work is amazing!!!

photo courtesy of Julia Chesky Blackberry Vision

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Modelizer said...

oh my gosh, thank you!! at the office they started calling me Liberachi because all of my rings and I told them they haven't seen anything yet. I like to do 8 fingers in the summer time! I just need to find a new set of four for the right hand because I'm over my D I O R ring.

Anyways thank you thank you thank you! It makes me freezing to red purpleness tonight all worth it. Fuck yeah windows. <3