Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Art-Dept.com Make-Up Artist Christopher Ardoff...

Finally...I get to see the tears from the NUMERO KOREA ISSUE 5...Where I interned for the personal assist Paulo to Fashion Editor Sally Lyndley on the set for NUMERO KOREA Magazine. Supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw was the muse for the day in this awesome shoot, which was shot by David Vasiljevic.

What's amazing is that I was amongst an awesome crew of people and Make-Up Artist Christopher Ardoff was behind Abbey Lee's amazing make up for the day. I bump into Christopher the other day and asked if he had seen this editorial, which he wrote down his agency website WWW.ART-DEPT.COM.

Ta-Da the cool, sexy, and street savy interpretation of Sally's styling also sexy as well as colorful make-up of Christopher's was there. I love this shoot because the whole atmosphere was amazing...this day I knew I wanted to do more and more editorial styling...it also helped to find out that another fashion interpreter was a gemini as well as the model herself. What I learned most from the day is that it's all about collaboration to create these amazing conveyed FASHION images...

Thanks Again Christopher your a awesome artist :)

All Images Courtesy Of WWW.ART-DEPT.COM

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