Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Amy Winehouse has partnered with Fred Perry for a capsule clothing collection to launch in October. Richard Martin, Fred Perry’s marketing direction says, “[Winehouse] has a unique sense of style that reflects the brand’s own historical reference points”.

The capsule collection will consist of 17-pieces of twinsets, slim pencil skirts, Capri pants, dresses and polo shirts. Winehouse “gave crucial input on proportion, color and fit”, and according to Martin, “The range clearly has Amy’s handwriting”.

I miss Ms. Winehouse, which "Tears Dry Own Their Own" and "Love Is A Losing Game" are some of my favorite songs from her last album "Fade To Black"...It's awesome to know that Amy is dipping in the fashion business and designing pieces she likes. It's cool and interesting that its with Fred Perry...Incorporating her true style, which she is mos def a style icon...she was the muse of countless high fashion houses also editorials.

Photo And Words Of Fred Perry/Amy Winehouse Sketches Courtesy Of And Videos Courtesy Of Youtube.

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