Wednesday, February 17, 2010


GQ's Creative Director Jim Moore

Actor Milo Ventimiglia

Your Premiere Male Models who walked the SPURR AW2010 SHOW

Jak and Jil Blog Tommy Ton Street Style (nice guy)...

ReQuest Model Arthur Kulkov is being photograph by Backyard Bill for GQ 5x7 Blog

Fashion Show Goer lurking on the low catching all the goings on after the SPURR AW2010 SHOW...I bet she has an awesome site/blog or whatever it may be or she's an editor at some fabulous magazine idk...btw dope style as well as I see you lady :)

TOUGH, SWAGGER, BRIT, STRONG WALK, GUY RICHIE, AND CONFIDENT were the words that were posted backstage at SPURR AW2010 NEW YORK FASHION WEEK RUNWAY SHOW according to GQ. Which the mens magazine clan were front and center with their big sister right across. VOGUE's Anna Wintour who was present at the Simon Spurr Runway Show as well. One would ask why was Anna there...? Does that means the designer maybe on her Wintour radar idk...? The music and 1st look I immediately thought of Mark Ronson, where one of the inspiration words was Brit...And Mark is British... music produced by him filled the room. I most definitely see Mark in alot of the fitted suits (especially the black/white stripe suit).

Simon was also inspired by the doubled-breasted suit, where the cool constructed jackets were double-breasted as well. With the collection styled by Deborah Watson were she paired puffer vest with peacoats, awesome leathers, very graphic printed shirts, bold printed suits, lots of turtle necks, slacks as well as denim, and accesorized with hats also scullies. Common Projects which gave certain looks dressed down...dressed up appeal. A very awesome and well thought out collection.

Thanks Sara for the invite and I'm very much so a fan of SIMON SPURR...ss2010 collection was by far one of ss2010 the AW2010 is mos def a AW2010 highlight...I over heard a GQ Editor express his likes "That Collection was SICK" were I come from that means DOPE!

BTW I'm building a editorial story around that black with white stripe suit... :)


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