Wednesday, February 3, 2010


LOOK BETHANN YOUR VOICE SPOKE TO THE FASHION HIGHS AND OVER THE FASHION PEAKS!!! Jeneil Williams graced the cover of LOVE Magazine which I LOVE LOVE Magzine for awesome is that!!! Two years ago it was a Town Hall Meeting about Black Models not being represented on the runways and on the covers of high fashion magazines. This meeting head coordinator Ex-Model and Model Manager Bethann Hardison spoke amongst fashion insiders such as models, photographers, fashion editors etc...And now you have models of color walking in Paris, Milan,and NYC Fashion Week Shows as well as AD campaigns and look COVERS!!! What's also awesome is I had the chance to meet and tell NY Model Jeneil myself how much I loved her work, also that she was one of my many beginning posts on this blog, and she gave the kidd a pic (which she is mos def a player in my eyes). I can't wait to work with Jeneil on a shoot one day, it'll be dope. Nice cover lady it's beautiful, strong, and brave...and YES I LOVE IT...mos def a copp!

photo: Keith Pearson

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