Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HBO | How To Make It In America...

I was wondering what I was going to watch when the finale of The Jersey Shore came on...My TV world ended with those guys. But I was walking in the streets picking up my latest glossy pages. And I notice Cudi in a AD for HBO, which read "How To Make It In America" and I'm still trying to figure it out...(Go figure). Sooo it's awesome a show is coming out to act out my daily life and many other hustlers I know. Coincidence these kats are trying to make it in NYC's competitive fashion scene. Kudos HBO for casting familiar faces, but fresh also new Victor Rasuk and new kat to me Bryan Greenberg also dope boy Kid Cudi...

Twentysomethings are always trying to hustle their way through NYC and determined to achieve their version of the American Dream...YOU DAMN RIGHT and I can't stop won't stop till I get a piece of the pie. So this series seem to be interesting and YES I'm going to mos def WATCH and you should too if you are trying to be anything or somebody!

Tune in Feb 14, 2009 at 10pm...gents with your lady on Valentines Day...Also remember Mark Walberg is behind it or better yet one of the producers as he was behind HBO's hit Entourage...so it's a GO!

I heard this somewhere "If I can't work and make it...I'm going to steal and take it" I don't think the quote is literally speaking, but all the NY hustlers of any sort knowatimsayin :)

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