Saturday, February 27, 2010


The BIG Brothers are watching and we all take heed to GQ because their like wearing Ralph Lauren you can't go wrong. Congrats to Street Etiquette to be so young, fresh, and cool is awesome. Also to understand what timeless and true style means. In honor of Black History Month I like SE contribution of their video editorial SEWN FROM THE SOUL. What stood out to me most was little gentleman Jeremiah and Poet Joe Kenneth-Museau. The image of Jeremiah sticks with me because after this generation grows up and become men...he'll be next to lead the pack with male figures in his life like the gents in the shoot he can't go wrong. It always starts with your mentors, which Jeremiah looks sharp and living smart already. As for Joe-Kenneth his talents of self expression through words is special. Joe can express himself at this stage and time in his life as well as articulate thoughts...that some older men could only dream of. I don't know much of his up bringing, but to possess passion, words, style, bravery, and feeling is great. And whoever or whatever instill it in him his powers are grand and will mos def lead him beyond the stars. Again gents BRAVO and Thanks for being Inspiration.

photos Alejandro Perez, Street Etiquette, and GQ

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