Thursday, February 18, 2010


ReQUEST Model Yuri Pleskun with "The COAT" one of the shows stand out pieces...sorry for blurry pic :/

RED NYC Model Abiah Hostvedt

Fashion Editors Jason Farrer and Memsor Kamarake' after the General Idea Show

The Sartorialist Scott Schuman Street Style

The Sartorialist in some dope hightop NIKE...

Menswear Fall 2010 is all the about the outerwear...seriously I've seen some pure dopeness these past couple of days...GENERAL IDEA is not just any ol's a little beyond "General"...I was speaking to my homeboy Noah "ONE OF MY STYLE ICONS" about adding emblishments on a puffer with shiny stones and on other sorts on outerwears pieces, which was pretty much a cool idea. But our ideas wasn't a "GENERAL IDEA" because Designer Bumsuk Choi had these crazy awesome outerwear jackets, coats, peacoats, and blazers come down his FW2010 Runway. With all these cool ass emblishments and design. So I guess we were thinking too General :/

Styled by Andreas Kokkino who made sure the right model was put in the right look to walk down those editorial ready pieces along with the everyday pieces nonetheless cool and sharp, but mos def in awesome looks. Most of the pieces pictured above are the pieces that spoke volumes to me and "THE COAT" that Yuri sports is mos def going to be in the glossy pages somewhere...Also ReQuest model Cole Mohr brought down shiny, silver, and black jacket which brighten your eye pupils a bit. Also the purple like color with black fur hood gave you a ahhh well as double-breasted camel/black coat including the shearling/leather all Ahhhhs...I really liked the collection...with Fashion Editors like Jason Farrer, Memsor Kamarake', and Scott The Sartorialist in atmosphere it'll be cool to see what they would make of these pieces on those fashion pages.

Thanks Jasmine and Williamson PR for the invite...I really enjoyed my first General Idea Runway Show.

photos Keith Pearson

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