Monday, February 1, 2010

Behind The Scenes And The Use Of Cool Locations...

Here is a behind the scene shot of Photographer William Yan at work shooting BiBi...And how this shot became opening page. Cool stuff right! Here some pics from the actual fitting and some unseen shots...

Also Check Out How Locations Still Live On To Be Dope Filming And Shooting Locations:

I was watching one of my many favorite channels, which is VH1 Soul btw...And whoever was behind the boards this day was feeling in the mood to play little games :)...By R&B Group Subway Feat. 702-"This Lil' Game We Play" where I as a teen had their WORD UP! poster years ago and still do (came across it the other day). At the time I thought they were cool kats with the backwards hats, fedora's, and peacoats. But I'm posting this because a portion of their video is where myself and William Yan shot Model Joey Lopez (LOOK REALLY CLOSELY AND YOU'LL SEE WATIMSAYIN). Well noted Music Director Lionel C. Martin had the eye just like we did I guess and what came to be a dope location back still stands today to be as awesome.

photos:William Yan, Kirsy Lovett, Sharlene G, Keith Pearson, and Video Youtube

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dj said...

dope, i love your locations, urban yet industrial!