Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Of My Favorite Questions Asked Photographer Sølve Sundsbø ...

Sølve Sundsbø is one of fashion’s most esteemed photographers and his innovative work never fails to garner attention; whether it is his now classic YSL fragrance campaign or a newly notorious editorial in V, the images Solve creates are unforgettable.

CM: You’ve referenced the incredible amount of dedication that is exchanged during a working relationship between the ‘teacher’ and his assistant when talking about your time with Nick Knight…Have you run into a similar relationship with one of your own assistants which feels comparable to that?

SS: I have been very lucky to have had incredibly dedicated assistants, and I couldn’t pick one specifically. There is no guarantee, unfortunately, that if you are a good assistant you will make a good photographer. Nick has been a persistently good teacher for his assistants over the years, and I hope that I can bring those lessons to my assistants as well.

I believe in this quote of Sølve's "if you are a good assistant you will make a good photographer." It works for everything meaning if you assist Stylists, Chefs, CEO's(DIDDY), and etc...I posted this a while back re read here and you'll knowatimsayin...

With that said Another Fashion Interpreter is looking for a little help not a assistant, but some one who wants to "INTERN" learn the little things(which are the BIG things) in a fast pace working environment. If your interested DM(twitt) me @keefwasheretoo let's see who's down.

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