Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GQ: The 25 Most Stylish Men In The World 2010...

Are you trying to get a rise out of Kanye West Style Director Adam Rapoport...? This is kind of left field my BIG brother was missing from this list. But you put his big brother Jay-Z (incredulous face) not that Jigga man isn't worthy, but he just started mentioning Masion Mar Martin Margiela...Kanye's been rockin MMM since... Kanye's was rocking ss2010 before ss2010:? Christophe Decarnin already send him aw2010 and let Kanye preview ss2011/2012...What gives? You guys did 10 Most Stylish Men previous and you add 15 more stylish men and Kanye isn't part of it...I know style icons previous wasn't mention neither, but you keep some in rotation no? Let me know cause I feel he would have been mentioned otherwise...I hope this doesn't stem from his MTV outburst...please anyone from GQ Jim, Adam, Josh... please help me understand.

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