Wednesday, January 6, 2010

24 Tastemakers In 24 Hours...And I made the List!!!

Happy New Year!!!! And what a way to celebrate than by thanking my best bud William Yan of WILLIAMYAN.COM...Will is the coolest, dopest, freshest, a believer also supporter, and tastemaker blog/online magazine of them all, who can beat the daily food that Will features on his self-titled blog.

Surprisingly another best bud Aimee Hustle dropped me at 12:54 am last year 2009 for Tastemaker Interview (where I showed and proved here also here as well as here....there too...OOooo here also), which I dropped this year again at 12:00 am on January 1, 2010 24 Tastemakers In 24 Hours (I AM THE ONE Mary).

It's so awesome to be apart of the 24 tastemakers that was featured some of whom I've met and know...which they are MAJOR hustlers also DEFINITE Players look here as well. But Thank You Thank You Mr. Yan your MOS DEF a part of my growth as the Stylist I am today(I have way more work to do though)...your DRIVE drove me even more to hustle hard and keep grinding. To watch someone like Will along with his fellow Tastemakers work so can't help but do the same.

So THANK YOU to all those who've read, follow, follow me on twitter, stop by, came across, was recommended, or mistakenly check'd this blog THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU your far too kind and YOU inspire me MORE each day soo keep tastemaking PLEASE...Also THANKS to all the collaborators it was awesome to work along side your Genius... Photographers William Yan, Dom Smith, Phillip Knowlton, Marley Kate, Tono Radnavy, The Still Group Freddie Mejia and Fausti Rosario. Models Kirsy Lovett, Joey Lopez of Click, Kiel Bonhomme, Elena of Muse, Charles O'neal, Soraya, Jay Dobbins, Chris Maxwell, and Orlando of Red. Artist Dj LadyChellez, Riot In Paris, Designer Raina Blyer of Ryann and Film Director Miguel Aviles. Special Thanks to Justine Dori, Sharlene G, and Kesha Mcleod. Showrooms /Designer Collections Michelle Wang, Aileen Castro, Jenny Nash, Jen of Rocksmith, Khalilah Williams Webb(WWB Lifestyle Inc.) and many more Thank You! I wish you all the best in THE NEW YEAR...STAY TUNE a lot is in the works for 2010... :)

polaroid courtesy of WILLIAMYAN.COM

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