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Has the HEAT once more and someone has a GOOD ear for GOOD MUSIC check here.

Alexander Wang SS 2010 Trunk Show At Barneys New York...

My Lady Interpreters LOOK!!! I saw------> Alexander Wang who is one of the coolest designers...What makes him cool to me is he has a vision, he's young with a vision, designs clothes well, and he loves Foxy Brown also his own laid back style. It's everywhere that he is one of Fashions what's hot what's next designers...What I like the most about Alex is he takes risks on his designer collections. SS 2010 looks like it was inspired by "School Ties" (Remember that movie)only when they played football, but with sexy hot girls. I loved this collection cause he moved on from black grunge. Which he did stripes, holes, greys, neutrals, khaki's as well as bones. I mos def like Alex's take on cargo sweats pants...also the strong shoulders, knee high socks, leopards(shoes), and use of leather(belts and headwear). The casting was amazing Abby, Frejia, and Natasha...I can't wait till spring to see the looks translate to the fashion editorials and the streets...Also I look forward to more of what he'll do with his menswear...Thanks again Alex for the pic!

Alexander Wang SS 2010 Trunk Show
Barneys New York
Thurs-Fri 12noon-5pm

Photos: Keith Pearson and Alexander Wang Runway SS 2010 Stills

Saturday, October 24, 2009


GUCCI GUCCI GUCCI- Madonna said this at the VMA's years ago and I still agree. Gucci believes in the world of "COLLABORATION". Creative Director Frida Giannini has been collaborating with Super Producer and The Prince Of 1's and 2's Mark Ronson for GUCCI ICON-TEMPORARY POP UP SHOP SNEAKER STORES. Mary J. Blige for FFAWN and showed an amazing SS 2010 Runway Collection. I'm a fan of GUCCI I actually own and was gifted some pieces of the GG's. I've been following this collab, so to attend this event and see as well as photograph Mary J. Blige, Frida herself, Mark Ronson, Stylist Khalilah Williams-Webb(THANKS), Evan Rachel Wood(Minus The Red Hair), Claire Danes, Ann Dexter Jones, Wycelf, Leigh LeZark of Misshapes, and NYLON Magazine Factory Girl Dani Stahl was AMMMMAAAZINNNG did I say MARY J. BLIGE!!! As for the shoes I would mos def copp the boat shoe Mark rocked because it was simple, cool, and classic. Throughout the night I caught some $tack$, ring$, and scored a awesome gift baGG...Thanks again for those who GG'd up for the GG10 :)

43 Crosby Street

All Photos Courtesy Of Keith Pearson

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Favorite Question John Tan Casting Director and Stylist Asked PR Manager Gio Metodiev....

What you didn't know...Gio Metodiev Men's Public Relations Manager at Dolce & Gabbana


Full Name: Gio Metodiev

Age: 29

Homebase: New York, NY

3. Sometimes I am told that "samples are completely out" (depending on your relationship with the PR manager) or "we have nothing left in the showroom." Is this really a fact ? How many samples does a PR person really have per given season for trafficking in and out for shoots/events?

I've always believed that honesty is a key ingredient regardless of the job you do. I often see the relationship between stylists and publicists as an equal partnership. Editors won't be able to do their job without getting the right information or products and public relations executives won't be able to get their brand's name out there without the press coverage. It is extremely important to earn the editor's trust and to be always open with your approach. As banal as it might sound, no good deed goes unnoticed. People always remember if you were professional and polite to them.

Questions and Photo Courtesy Of
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Bastian, Michael

Ciao! I'll start off by saying that Michael Bastian is my favorite designer. Yes, his clothes are really expensive (being that Brunello Cucinelli is the manufacturer) but it's classic and very tailored. During fashion week, I was lucky enough to be able to attend his Spring/Summer 2010 show.

In an abandoned art gallery, his stage and catwalk was black. All the models came out the stage at once and each in turn walked down the catwalk (not your typical single entry). There were three stages each being a different look. It was day-wear, swimwear, and then evening-wear. The evening-wear completely blew my mind as it was mainly black and he made it completely work for his them which in my opinion was tailored-Latin American-classic.

Last Saturday, Michael had a trunk show at Bergdorf Goodman where he was attending. I took my lunch break from work and rushed there to join/meet him. His SS2010 collection was there and to be able to see it up close was incredible. He was lovely and very friendly and introduced me to Eugenia Gonzalez Ruiz-Olloqui who is head press. We discussed his collection, his show, the music and what his future holds. It was great. Here are a few pictures:





I will definitely be following his progression and his passion for making the perfectly classy tailored clothes and I'll update you guys.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Previous to this post I did "$tack$ & Bundle$"Second Edition...where I told all my single ladies that I'm coming for those Ring$ & Thang$...Again it's amazing what these ladies and Bryan Boy also Dianne's homey Mister Ibn Jasper put on their fingers...My ladies and gents have incorporated fringe, chains, snakes, rocks, gold, sparkly, arched, gaudy, wings, Mcqueen, Marc Jacobs "five dolla", Chanel, spikes, studs, of course diamonds, names, and skeletons...O and all my ladies nails were did. While viewing play BEYONCE "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"...Enjoy!

photos courtesy Bryan Boy, Dianne The Donna, and Keith Pearson

Everyone's a blogger...

Nathan Bui

Ciao! I'm Nathan Bui, call me Nate. I would first like to thank Keith for this opportunity to be one of his contributor... ahem interpreter. I believe Keith to be a genuine person and friend who shares the same interest as myself in fashion. I'm all about menswear. I believe guys shouldn't be ashamed to admit that they enjoy fashion. New York is the epicenter of art. Fashion is art and fashion is life. I grew up in the Bronx and just turned a fifth of a century. I have been tailoring clothes for two years now and it has changed my view on how clothes are made and how long it takes to visualize the sketch and make it to an actual wearable garment. Also detecting men and women on the street who shows ageless style and not the latest fashion trend. Basically, I will contribute by posting what I feel menswear is. As a interpreter, I will show both sides of a garment; the outside and the inside.

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