Monday, December 7, 2009

My Favorite Question Asked Photographer Miguel Reveriego...

Miguel Reveriego's name is on everyone's lips. The Spanish photographer's sleek photographs, create a world of unparalleled glamour and his work can be seen in some of fashion's most innovative publications. Reveriego's distinctive style speaks for itself, but the story behind the scenes is just as interesting as the pictures themselves.

One Management's Christopher Michael, catches up with Miguel for an insightful discussion on creativity, collaboration and what it is like to enter the big leagues...

CM: It's said to be the secret of success, only by being different are we able to be indispensable. Camilla gives good advice! During a period that can only be explained as 'cross generational' both photographers and editors are having a chance to work with their heroes so to speak and the now iconic generations seem to be enjoying the dabbling into of the new community kids… Is there any particular editor or stylist that you would love to work with and have not just yet?

MR: There are a few of them, if I had to say just one, I would love to be on set with Grace Coddington. You know what I appreciate, I've worked with very few but very particular editors in my career. I chose to do it that way because I thought that it was very important rather than just doing fashion pictures, doing something that was more of a collaboration and working with people whose point of view I really respected, rather than just working with anyone. When you look at her work, you always see it goes beyond the dress, beyond the lip, it goes beyond everything, it is a "whole". Like the editors I'm working with now, they go beyond the outfit, they are actually interested in creating an image and they spend their days thinking about and working on it and they follow the process from beginning to end. Even when you finish on set they keep going with you and I think that is really great when you collaborate with people. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Grace yet but when you view her work it seems that this is the way she works as well, and it's amazing.

All words and photo courtesy of, Photographer Miguel Reveriego and One Management's Christopher Michael
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