Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Copp my ROLEX (I'm SO AMBITIOUS)...But until then look how these awesome wrist's pictured above tell time. Mark Ronson's Mummy Ann Dexter Jones (2nd photo), which it's her own design. I believe that's what she said while holding her son's GUCCI design boat shoe is the coolest watch I've seen worn by a woman. I think a watch should always be classic and very sharp never overly design. Or maybe that's just my taste, so maybe that's why I conjured up the watches shown, which they are just right. I also photograph them because some had awesome value as in cool stories whether they were graduation presents, vintage finds, or just for the love of wanting a nice watch. I aspire to have that ROLEX one day(Gold Date and it's the only watch I want)one day...It's motivation for me...ENJOY!

All Photos by: Keith Pearson

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