Friday, October 16, 2009

$TUD$ & BUNDLE$...

As well as FRINGE...I met awesome lady Louise of Creative Recreation yesterday at the RED WING SHOES X DAVID Z Event. Where I photograph her $tud$ & Bundle$ combo...Usually I would save this for $tack$ & Bundle$, but this is special because of the marriage of fringe tees, leather, metal,and $tud$ lol. Lousie $tud$ are mostly cool watches and a dope OAK watchless band along with her cool Fringe tee. Mr. Bryan Boy who I photograph at the tents after the Trais SS 2010 Show was Herme$ cuff and floor length Fringe'd tee out as well... So the moral of this post is that fringe tees, leather, metal, and $tud$
are what's up!

Question I'm soo caught in the $tud$ & Bundle$ where and who are the FRINGE TEES by?

All Photos Courtesy Keith Pearson

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