Wednesday, October 7, 2009

$tack$ & Bundle$ $econd Edition...

$tack$ and Bundle$ i$ back...I'm fascinated with what people wear on their wrist for some reason, I don't know why...So this time I turned to friends and some people got zoomed in by G10. My friends have things on their wrist for good luck,some things they've designed,HUGE timepieces,pieces they've found at work, and ethnic pieces as well...I noticed some of them wear their pieces as often as I run into them or as much as we hang out, which that means their pieces have sentimental value. So it's cool to know their $tack$ are pricele$$...Enjoy!

O and all my PUT A RING ON IT Ladies I'm coming for those Ring$ and Thang$ make sure them nail$ is did lol (I'm sorry I'm Ghetto at times) and Pimp$ I'm looking for those pinky ring$ and rolli's...audemars.

All Photos Courtesy of Keith Pearson


William Yan said...

aight I made the cut! dope post!

Anonymous said...

i want that mickey watch!!! im officially obsessed! whos watch was that i feel like i've seen it before