Friday, October 23, 2009

My Favorite Question John Tan Casting Director and Stylist Asked PR Manager Gio Metodiev....

What you didn't know...Gio Metodiev Men's Public Relations Manager at Dolce & Gabbana


Full Name: Gio Metodiev

Age: 29

Homebase: New York, NY

3. Sometimes I am told that "samples are completely out" (depending on your relationship with the PR manager) or "we have nothing left in the showroom." Is this really a fact ? How many samples does a PR person really have per given season for trafficking in and out for shoots/events?

I've always believed that honesty is a key ingredient regardless of the job you do. I often see the relationship between stylists and publicists as an equal partnership. Editors won't be able to do their job without getting the right information or products and public relations executives won't be able to get their brand's name out there without the press coverage. It is extremely important to earn the editor's trust and to be always open with your approach. As banal as it might sound, no good deed goes unnoticed. People always remember if you were professional and polite to them.

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