Monday, October 5, 2009


It was great to see my Fashion Week schedule almost matched Mr.Josh Peskowitz, that means I'm on my way (lol). First I approached him for a pic at Simon Spurr SS 2010Presentation dressed in a blazer, tiger camo print cargo's, and common projects with a doctor prescribe cane. Then said what up to him again at the Erin Wasson X RVCA SS 2010 Runway Show. Now the third time is a charm because I saw Josh again at the G-star SS 2010 Runway Show where he asked "where were the pics going" I replied "ANOTHER FASHION INTERPRETER" he said "I could remember that." Ok now either he's everywhere and I'm always there or vice-versa... because I saw JOSH again at the Timo Weiland SS 2010 Presentation ...I didn't bother him for a pic, but he was wearing a nice menswear tunic. Last but not least we're buddies now cause I saw him at Gourmet Saks Fifth Ave Trunk Show and I took a pic this time because he was without his pimp cane (I must admit it was a cool look man), but Mr. Peskowitz doesn't lose any cool points because he is a Tastemaker, Influencer, Hip-Hop Head, and a Fashion Editor with great taste. I'm MOS DEF a viewer of "In The Closet" along with his co-host Tyler Thorenson also Tim Blanks. Hopefully I can get invite to commentate on In The Closet one day...that would be cool or a shout out will do.

Photos courtesy of Keith Pearson

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