Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everyone's a blogger...

Nathan Bui

Ciao! I'm Nathan Bui, call me Nate. I would first like to thank Keith for this opportunity to be one of his contributor... ahem interpreter. I believe Keith to be a genuine person and friend who shares the same interest as myself in fashion. I'm all about menswear. I believe guys shouldn't be ashamed to admit that they enjoy fashion. New York is the epicenter of art. Fashion is art and fashion is life. I grew up in the Bronx and just turned a fifth of a century. I have been tailoring clothes for two years now and it has changed my view on how clothes are made and how long it takes to visualize the sketch and make it to an actual wearable garment. Also detecting men and women on the street who shows ageless style and not the latest fashion trend. Basically, I will contribute by posting what I feel menswear is. As a interpreter, I will show both sides of a garment; the outside and the inside.

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