Sunday, October 4, 2009


Sooooooooo Tuesday night Stylist Khalilah Williams-Webb calls and ask me if I'm busy Oct 1, 2009...I havent had much going on so I was like nothing. I was working on my scrap book and some new moods...anyway she expresses she needs some assist. I proceed to ask the task and she states "can you be on a flight to Denver, Colorado in the morning...I'm like sure( these things don't happen often so why not). Ok I'm excited cause I haven't flew or been anywhere all summer...Make a long story short I assisted her with one of her MAJOR clients closet(you've seen MTV CRIBS) and gave my two cents on a couple of looks(mind you Ms Williams-Webb put some SHARP looks together... all of them I would wear)....While listening to some new sounds by Consequence(KWW dressed model's for his latest video look here), old flavors of Mary J. Blige, and Jodeci... the closets were organized also looks were executed...And it was a fun cool experience...hopefully I get a call next time it's London, Paris, Japan, or Africa...I'm just sayin you never know :)

OOoooOo I know you would have like to SEE looks, but it was going towards special projects, but stay tune I'll have the EXCLUSIVE big reveal...and follow Stylist Khalilah Williams on twitter @kaww

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