Sunday, October 4, 2009

Behind Every Great Stylist Is Their Assistant...

Which AnOther Magazine highlighted... AnOther Editorial that AnOther Fashion Interpreter LOVES because it's AnOther Blog about Stylist's Assistants...But These are the assistants to the Stylist's that we all gasp over when seeing their work. I totally believe these Stylist are inspired by their assistant's. This Editorial is sooo dope and I know you all have seen it a 1,000 times...I always imagine what the assistants to the Fashion Editors looked like and they all are amazingly HAUTE HOT young ladies. Who all have a awesome style, from all over the map, and again HOT!!! I personally have a thing for Hanna Kelifa Edwards Enninful assist.,Julia Sarr-Jamois whose Fashion assist to Love Magazine, Alice "LEGS" McCraith Bryan McMahon assist and freelance assist Rosa-Safia Connell (OK I LOVE EM ALL). I'm sure Assistant Anna Trevelyan has MAJOR GA-GA fun with Nicola Formichetti :)...But these ladies should also consider a second jobs as MAJOR ELITE WOMEN fashion models don't you think I'm just sayin...Good LUCK ladies your what's NEXT, I cant wait to see your FASHION INTERPRETATIONS!!!

Photo Courtesy of Keith Pearson and AnOther Magazine

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