Saturday, October 17, 2009


Fashion Editor/Stylist Jason Farrer, Model AJ Abualrub, and myself are GEMINI's...but guess what WE all have the same birthday. June 20, 19__ we are all different years,which is exciting because it tells me something about the field of work that I'm doing and trying to make a lane, spot, or place for me in FASHION. Hopefully JJ or AJ reads this and I can work with AJ on editorial shoot or in the meantime assist Jason on another editorial shoot featuring AJ.

Totally not Fashion related or maybe it is, but I play LOTTO I have big dreams I'll give you some combo's 620 50 straight 50 box 602 50 straight 50 box 026 and 062... It comes out often so PLAY...GOOD LUCK also play MEGA MILLIONS I BELIEVE EVERY TUES AND FRIDAY!!!

Photos Courtersy Of Keith Pearson At The Timo Weiland SS 2010 PRESENTATION and

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