Saturday, September 5, 2009


Which Taylor is very PASSIONATE where she is the ROCK of Rachel Zoe's Camp "The Rachel Zoe Project" on BRAVO...

As a former assistant I feel Taylor's pain. She's right on point with most of her frustrations. I love that she's candid about everything. Where she shows and tells the behind the scenes of styling. Don't get me wrong styling is fun, but it's a lot of work.

As Stylist Groovey Lew states in the latest XXL Magazine On Stylist Misconceptions he says "People think things are easy: It's about vibing...bringing concepts and ideas,making tailored clothes, designing. You're dealing with attitudes, egos, homeboys, girlfriends---sometimes it gets crazy. But you gotta be focused and make everybody feel good..."

As we know... it always comes together when the job is done...Ask of all the near disasters, which became FASHION moments!

Taylor works so hard...yet again she won't be able to enjoy Fashion Week... :/ Read my Twitt to Taylor and her @ back:

keefwasheretoo: @taylorjacobsonn are you finally going to see FASHION SHOWs this time around?

taylorjacobsonn:@keefwasheretoo going to ny but have a no shows for me


photo courtesy of my bbrry and last seasons The Rachel Zoe Project ;)

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