Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Favorite Question Dazed Digital Asked Alexander Wang...

Alexander Wang get's A+ for SS 2010 and dressing the Models I want to date such as Erin Wasson, Abby Lee, Jourdan Dunn, Angela Lindvall and many others. He also
understands what it means to capture a look, evolve, and take risk. He seems to be like every other twenty-something, which we are inspired by everything from the streets also connected to all that' surrounds us...Thanks AW for being inspiration and for keeping your eyes wide open.

DD: Why do you think that you, in particular have captured this style moment that has won you such a hardcore fanbase?

Alexander Wang: I'm so honoured by it all! Maybe it's my age that I have this closer connection to the next generation of how information is communicated. It's something that's very new! If you look at bloggers, they are very much in my age range. Maybe there's something in my collection, a point of view I'm offering that they see something that there that they can relate to.

Photo and Question courtesy of Dazed Digital...

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