Friday, August 28, 2009


Is a MUST SEE to all the Fashion People all over the world and to those who find Fashion amusing you'll have a better understanding.

Anna Wintour as I stated somewhere before, meeting you at the OBAMA ELECTION TRIBUTE and you saying HELLO was really cool. Your a nice person no matter what your facial expressions are. I LOVE your decesiveness (is that a word).

GRACE your my hero I've always known of your GENIUS (Stylist Interpreters Of Fashion Book showed me) but to see it on screen was even more GENIUS...You DRESS, ARE IN INSPIRED BY, and DIRECT THE GIRL(MODELS). I LOVE YOU and thanks for keeping your EYES OPEN IN THE CAR, being PASSIONATE, standing your ground, and being tough. As well as taking RISK...Thanks for being inspiration...

Mr. Andre' Leon Talley your really full of C.O.L O.U.R.S (via Fonzworth Bentley)

Eward Enninful your a GENIUS Contributing Editor too so many I respect your hustle...And do as GRACE says she knows best lol ;)

TONNE GOODMAN your so effortless and not worried...I love the GAME face ;)

THAKOON my aunt Linda bought your GAP dress! Your awesome as well!

Everybody GO see NOW!

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D. said...

grace coddington is a genius!