Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Favorite Question Models.com Asked Photographer Josh Olins...

Josh Olins is on a roll. Open up just about any magazine known for its cool perspective and you will find his work. Dazed, V, Love, Numero - you name them, he's in them and with a resume as illustrious as his it's easy to see why he's one of the most coveted photographers working right now...

4) In times past you've inquired on who styled certain stories that I've sent you, and it's rumored that when working on a story you have your hands dipped in everything from hair&make up to styling and right down to the set itself…are you hiding an art director somewhere in your closet of talents as well?

I think it's called being a control freak and slightly OCD. I love every element of the shoot and of fashion photography, and all are as important as each other. I guess I can be hands on at times but that's because I want to push everything and everyone, as I push myself into creating something that offers a huge amount of satisfaction. The only way you improve is to constantly challenge yourself and try your hardest. I wouldn't say that I'm hiding an art director within just that I think it's the whole package that makes a successful shoot.

To read more check here: Of the Minute: Interview: Josh Olins http://models.com/oftheminute/?p=8002

Photo, Intro, and Questions courtesty of www.models.com

Cool Photos Josh and Awesome styling @SallyLyndley ;)
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