Friday, July 31, 2009

All You Have To Do Is Ask...

And you shall receive. So if you follow me on twitter @keefwasheretoo...I twitt @maryjblige to twittpic a pic from her video set "The One" and she did... read below how it "twittdown"

keefwasheretoo:@maryjblige how is the video goin? Twittpic pls of the atmosphere it'll really be cool and followers can retweet ! ;)

maryjblige:@keefwasheretoo it's going gReat. I will tweet pics in a sec. Hold tight.

maryjblige:Me & my sister Latonya working it out. I'll send more guys. Going into first shot of the day.

So the moral of story is kids whether in real life or on twitter in real time ask. You never know what might happen you never know the outcome ;) I RT'd it like twice lol

Thanks Again MJB your "THE ONE"

twittpic courtesy of @maryjblige
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