Thursday, March 19, 2009


CNN three part documentary on Fashion Editor Carine Roitfeld is amazing. Please watch and take heed to Ms. Roitfeld, where you get a sneak peek in the day of the life of an Fashion Editor. I truly love her work and her contribution to fashion. Ever since I read the story behind Tom ford's 10th anniversary book TOM FORD and Mrs. Roitfeld was the Stylist behind it all who was the inspiration also muse. It's an awesome book a must have if you don't already have. Another book where you get to further your research is in the book STYLIST The Interpreters Of Fashion. Where Carine as well as others display their fashion interpretations. So enjoy because I did and don't forget French Vogue Magazine with the awesome editorial spreads, which are always forward and innovative...O I'm also reposting this from Kanye's blog which he reposted via Hypebeast.

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