Thursday, January 1, 2009

100th POST!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to everyone it's been a major year. Alot has happen as you guys have seen in AFI's BEST OF 2008. Today is New Years day and I'm celebrating because this is my 100th post and that's a big deal!!!!! I want to wish everyone a healthy and successful New Year, It's a fresh start for all of us. So lets do it right and have Another Great Year POP CHMPGN!!!!!!
At 12:54 after the ball dropped the dopest and coolest site of the year WILLIAMYAN.COM did this interview with me. Check it out!! Again HAPPY NEW YEAR and enjoy the 100th blog post and I appreciate all those who has taken the time to read the blog whether you fell upon it by mistake, googled it, was linked from another blog, or I told you personally. THANK YOU for your hits and comments it's deeply appreciated. STAY TUNED more fashion interpretation to come...




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congrats keif! you did your thing in '08. i know you're gonna kill it in '09