Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I only own red vans, but I found something that'll replace those smelly joints in a heart beat...these YSL's. I was in SAKS FIFTH AVE. with Will and Aimee a couple of days ago, which it looked like MACYS sorry SAKS I'm blowin y'all up, but they had an ok sale going on like up to 30% off. Will actually copped some dopeness, but we all wanted those YSL's even Aimee and they weren't her size...Yo you gotta admit ppl these joints are AMAZING...Summertime no socks those YSL's. Chuck Bass would rock em like that at the Hamptons Vacation House with some haute hot hottie's.


Paulo said...

so FRESH! Any other colors? I dig the red tho....

Samantha Smikle said...

Paulo took the words outta my mouth! i was gonna say so fresh! and i beleived you that it looked like macy's in there--the luxury dept stores are giving shit away these days!