Monday, November 3, 2008



"Initial H"

So a couple of months ago we ran into BB at Opening Ceremony at the all night Party for the Olympics, which we always seem to do cause he always in city. And because he is part of the Clientele squad which he is that dude in Downtown Manhattan which he always knows whats dope in kicks, streetwear, and in fashion period. So being the FRESH TO DEF dude that he is BE BE said he assisted his homeboy Stylist Vincent Oshin on NAS photo shoot. The shoot was dope NAS rock'd some casual suit pieces and sockless(like the Sartorialist). As you know in TRACE Black Girls Rules Issue where Fine and Pretty ; ) Keri Hilson is gracing the cover. The magazine also had a guest editor Spike Lee, which there is a must read interview with the Director. Also Henry Ruffin aka "Initial H" has a feature in the G-Shock 25th Anniversary Ad also check him at New Era

BB's photo courtesy of WILLIAMYAN.COM

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