Sunday, November 23, 2008

SPOTTED Justin...Justin Bobby...LOOK BOOK MODEL???

MISTER JUSTIN...JUSTIN BOBBY what's with ppl with all these names everybody seem to be on their P.Diddy Diddy Puffy Puff Sean John...but anyway Justin Bobby Mister "Homeless Couture" himself which I like his style because its I don't care but I care a lil bit...uknowatimsayin...Everybody cares about fashion, but some ppl act like it doesn't mean much YEA right!!! But J...B is in Orthordox's look book which isnt strange, but arkward for someone who didnt care for Ms Conrad and her fashion bud Whitney where People's Revolution represents the clothing brand which is pretty dope...Once pulled pieces before on a assisting job from the NYC officies. Orthordox pieces are sharp and very detail oriented... J...B is rumored to have an unortordox hooked up with LC...we'll see tomorrow on the Hills if I catch it I have been missing these pass Mon. as well as Gossip Girl...I know a lot of GUILTY PLEASURES.

photos courtesy of The Moment Blog

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