Thursday, November 20, 2008

ODDS AND EVEN saaaayyyyssss shoooooot....

Samatha's Collection Odd and Even

Memba that game...So I met a cool and cute young lady named Samantha at DDC Lab's awesome party. We stood next to each other for a min. and I think I asked her something about Zoe Kravitz because as you know by now she was in attendance as well, but Samantha missed her some how, but anyway this cool young lady does a bunch of stuff. Like she designs jewelery called ODD and EVEN, she's a style editor at a couple of mags, and she's a stylist of many sorts of things. Sooo if that's not a superwoman I don't know what is...Samantha's style as you see above is awesome too. Samantha's not faithful to no ones designer, store, or place to find her pieces(as a true fashion person should be unfaithful) and read her fashion profile with VIII XXIX blog, where she goes more in depth.
Her blog O.M.O Writes is dope where she conjures up her where abouts with friends, stylin and profiling at coool fashion events also catching street style of cool ladies as well as gents. Sam's taking the fashion world by storm and she doing it her way. The dopest thing is she text me yesterday because I commented on her blog, which was cool that she reached out and said waddup to the kidd...Sooo Sam like I said I would... I re-post because your a lady out there being a inspiration to other young ladies like yourself. So keep doing it and readers read up on Ms. Smikle and Samantha hopefully you read the post and you like my interpretation ;)


Paulo said...

Keith is doing it big! y0 man great interpretations... Keep it coming!

Samantha Smikle said...

Keith! I had no idea you did this! thanks my du!!! I just googled my name (lol) and found this. :)

oh...and correction--style editor of my blog, contributer at magazines like 'Sup and The Fader ;)