Friday, October 17, 2008


was pretty cool so far. Starting from Monday night going to DJ PREMIER TRIBUTE where that night I chilled with my peoples WILLIAMYAN.COM's Will and STREET STRUCK's Jose Perdermo where amazing shit like seeing TOM GREEN bust a hot 16 hanging out of a cab was insane and meeting a cool kat named Juan who had ill rhymes too. Tuesday I went to BANKSY PET STORE which was insane too and a must see. Wednesday did pick ups and I saw VOGUE's Editor and Chief ANNA WINTOUR DOPE!!! And Thursday was(which was literally a couple hrs. ago)crazy cause of the Sartorialist exhibit at Gant where SCOTT SARTORIALIST SCHUMAN(he's always sartorially ready and sockless) displayed some of his subjects wearing GANT men and women. On this same Thursday night I assisted Stylist Lisa Sellers at Change Rocks Tribute To Obama featuring yours truly John Legend, India Arie, Bruce Springstein, and Billy Joel. Which was coordinate by the woman herself Anna Wintour and Harvey Weinstein. Mind you I said I saw Anna Wintour a day before and OMG she's in John's dressing room and she nicest a warmest person. Where I did get the chance to say hello to her. Also you wouldn't believe what her first question was after the shaking of hands also meeting and greeting the whole room/WHAT ARE YOU(JOHN) WEARING???...(I'm sure you want to know what she was wearing, which my eyes saw a Chanel suit, Camel Colored High Heeled Boots, and her Signature Blonde Bobb). OK with all the cool rehearsels and fittings. Finally a fit is chosen and songs are performed also people are fired up also ready to go see the man himself hit the stage to give his GRAND speech. BARACK OBAMA hits the stage...and the rest is history as you know he gave an awesome speech were he asked the crowd in closing are YOU FIRED UP and the response from the crowd is READY TO GO!!!! to POLLS that is...awesome week, but its not finish cause this weekend AIMEE HU$TLE is throwing a BIRTHDAY BASH and all her A I P's(Aimee's Important People) are gonna be there. Soo if you know Ms. Astillero see you there.

PS all the pics will be loaded from this weeks past adventures stay tuned...



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aimee hustle said...

Thanks for the plug. See u all this weekend.. and vote for Obama november 4th.