Friday, September 19, 2008



is a GENIUS, he's brillant beyond words can describe. It's unbelieveable that one man can cover your whole life. Ralph designs for men, women, children and decorates your home. Mr. Lauren is a Life Stylists, he has been around and he keeps going around again innovating also stimulating our lives. This collection for Ralph Lauren Womens S/S 09' was classic, clean, chic, edgy, sexy, beautiful, and my favorite word DOPE( I didn't want to use it describing RL, but it slipped sorry I'm trying to increase my vocab). I can't wait to meet Mr. Lauren and tell him how much of inspiration he has been to me(I'm getting emotional). My jaw drops everytime I go to the Mansion, Macys( Yes don't sleep on 34th Herald Square Macys they have an amazing RL dept) and the new addition Rugby store. I want every piece when shopping, but I can honestly say I can wear RL for the rest of my life and be happy...ACL said it best classic pieces never go out of style(A Blog friend In My Head). In conclusion Ralph is just TIMELESS...Thanks Mr. Lauren your THE MAN!!!!

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