Friday, September 19, 2008



YooOoooO my bad Mr. PITT... In the front row of the TOMMY HILFIGER S/S 09' SHOW I mention a actor who played in LARRY CLARKS "BULLY" and he is was well noted Actor Micheal Pitt...I'm sorry kidd I knew who you were(by appearance) when I saw you that day. Just couldn't get your name and I ask my friend Monica she name someone else(Monica please read this post because we both were up in the air about Mr. Pitt). I have watched a couple of Micheal Pitt films and I truly appreciate them. I seen one that plays on IFC often please forgive me for not knowing the actual movie title, it was one those I can't sleep nights. And I came in the middle of the movie on an awarkard sex scence. That will MOS DEF wake someone up...Cool kidd (Mike PItt) I like his way of being, which it's interesting sometimes about actors like himself you want to know more. I found an article in JaLOuSe magazine I believe its in french, but will do more research on dude. I also appreciate his edgy fashion sense...It wasn't weird to see him at the TOMMY show because he'll take the piece that suits him best and make it him.

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