Sunday, August 31, 2008


YooOOoOoO the hottest Blog/Online magazine on the planet and the breath of fresh air is Editor/Fashion Interpreter/Cool kidd/Friend William Yan’s WILLIAMYAN.COM. It’s an amazing outlook on everything fashion and cool. I can't help to take a look to see what he has conjured up to posts next. I mean he really has the magic to post some of the dopest things. Will brings ATTENTION to what you don’t know you like yet.
I truly appreciate Will for editing its more active also for becoming a contributor. See styling doesn’t always means clothes a blog can be styled too( I know y’all like DUH Keith!!!).Thank God for Will because we would still be looking at the SAMO ( same ol shit), but he changed that for all of us who aspire to be morethan the somebody’s we all ready are. Will is never comfortable he is always seeking information because knowledge is infinite and can bring you infinite possibilities also opportunities...Sooo if you haven’t click the link yet go head cause your missing out. Thanks again Will I truly appreciate it...peace homey!

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