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Is Jason Farrer I was looking at his work in Russell Simmons One World Magazine(out of print) and past Vibe issues where they featured out the box stuff. Like art ,politics, great journalism (dream hampton, kevin Powell, and Craig Seymour) and photography(Marc Baptiste and Jonathan Mannion). The Vibe always featured two separate fashion stories. One seemed full of fashion trends and must haves, the others was like how do I ?Where do I wear these fashion pieces? That’s where Jason comes in, he made fashion a work of art. And being a Original New Yorker Jason seem to always incorparte the Streets. Working with great photographers like Steven Meisel, Jamil GS, and Alexei Hay. Jason used awesome fashion designer pieces such as Jeremy Scott, Vivinne Westwood, Comme de Garcons’, Kim Jones, and Telfar which he always styles perfect also tells these elaborate visual stories. In doing this I was blown away by JJ’s Lil Kim One World cover because it was so strong, edgy, cool, and has never been seen before (dope point of view). Or his spread with a young Selita E. Banks in Vibe’s editorial fashion pages. What makes Mr. Farrer an awesome Fashion Editor/Stylist/Interpreter is he takes from every aspect of life it seems. Whether its the streets, music, art, and his own focus with fashion in general. JJ’s mind is out of this world in a cool, edgy, sharp, and avant-garde fashion forward sense . Thats when I started to purchase TRACE, LUOMO VOGUE, i-D, V, and UNTOLD (UK press) also the FACE(Shout Out to the West 4th $3 Mag Tables)as well as several other overseas periodicles. Which gave me more insight into the fashion editorial world of styling and telling stories visually. So thanks Jason Farrer for blessing my eyes with your point of view and your amazing visual concepts. My homeboy Photographer/Stylist Dom said “JJ is so cool and down to earth” which I truly believe he is
(can’t wait to meet JJ). It’s in his work which speaks volumes because Mr. Farrer is a truly a dope Visionaire...

Sooo shout out to all my Gents who are Interpreters of Fashion

Adam Rapoport
Andre Leon Tally
Andre 3000
Ben Velez
Big Smiley
Dom Smith
Emil Wilbekin
Edward Enninful
Fonzworth Bentley
Groovy Lou
George Harris(Big brother)
John Moore
Joe Zee
Kanye West
Karl Largerfeld
Karl Kani
Karl Templer
Kenny Burns
Kim Jones
Kithe Brewster
Malcolm Phipps
Micheal Nash
Mike B.
Mobolaji Dawodu
Nicola Formichetti
Ralph Lauren
Sean P.Diddy Combs
Scott Sasso
Tom Ford
Wendell Haskins
William Yan
Zak Hoke

photos courtesy of One World, Vibe, and Defacto (gallery) Agency...

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