Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kesha McLeod

Kesha McLeod
LA Confidential Magazine
Our "HERO" Nas
Yung Berg

A stylist on the rise who her clients are High Fashion Model Veronica Webb, Mr. Business himself Young Berg, and Our Rap “HERO” Nas (dope record). Kesha incorporates a high taste level with her clients with a relatable style aesthetic. As she resides in Harlem she still jumps in a cab ( Carrie Fever Status) and heads to Madison Ave to find her Chanel classics to Bowery to Patrica Field over the top humble aboud. While doing all of this Kesha is on her blackberry making those showroom calls getting the season before the season’s looks (uknowatimsayin). She is a known commodity in every boutique/shop she stops in which she can’t help but ki-ki (Network) also get to know who you are . I’ve seen with my own eyes Kesha glide right into an everybody was there afterparty because of her ensemble (keefwastheretoo... lol) A cool lady with an ever changing style...look out for Ms. Mcleuod.

photos Veronica Webb editorial tear courtesy of Thomas Faison Styling Agency

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